CAPS Habba - Picnic


Welcome to CAPS Habba extravaganza. The dawn of the event was in 2004 and has been a grand success consecutively since then.

It’s a biannual mega event comprising of non-stop fun, masti and enjoyment. An unforgettable event which makes you forget the worldly worries and revive the childhood memories. 

The event comprises of tapping your feet from Tamte to Trance, various competitions, Felicitation Ceremony, fabulous feast. An event which is not to be missed!!


It’s a great delight for one to be a part of such a phenomenal day. Embracing happiness, festivity, joy and more… inspired, contented and enthused.
From twirls and turns to strikingly motivational events, competitions, fun awards, music, and jigs and most importantly felicitating ceremony to the rank holders for their accomplishments with great honor, their success stories and their parent's pride are something to be really felt. It is sure to uplift and motivate the spectators, creating a spark. It is something too wonderful to describe. It being an occasion coupled with fun and learning which go hand in hand at CAPS, one will have lots to take back. It comes with loads and loads of joy.



CAPS Sports Meet


Sports Meet is a CAPS initiative which is a first time by any Coaching Institute. 

It is a bi-annual Sports meet which enables students and faculties to showcase their sporting talent. 

Sporting events comprises of:

  • Cricket                                                 

  • Running Race

  • Belchandi

  • Basketball

  • Lagori

  • Goli

  • Frog Race

  • 3 Leg Race

  • Gunny Bag Race etc., 

  • Throwball

  • Football

  • Tug of War

  • Volleyball

  • Kabaddi

  • Relay

With lots of fun to enjoy on the field ! Experience only at CAPS

Physical Fitness is the mantra of Success..