Education -Coaching Classes

Coaching classes for CA and CS by well-equipped faculties ensuring the students are well prepared for exams and assisting them have an edge over the others in the corporate world. Conceptual studies help students crack the exams in a much easier way.

The comprehensive programme of CAPS has been successful in helping thousands of students in achieving their dreams and aspirations of becoming a Professional.

Our mission is to equip the students in overcoming the hurdles of Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary Professional Examinations with ease and enable them to strive for ranks

The training imparted will also take into consideration on handling separately every individual’s concerns and doubts. Since, we mentioned we are just not a coaching center, we believe in extensively taking care of every student’s requirements and their own adaptability towards learning.

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KEP- Knowledge expansion programme

Knowledge Expansion Program wing of CAPS assists the students learn the subjects in a better understanding way. It includes revision classes conducted in prior to exams, simplified revision materials for the last minute revisions, illustrations and other key points for exams and more. Examination sessions conducted serves as a strategy for the students to plan their studies well in advance.

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Jnana Bhandara- Library for reference books

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.” 

Jnanabhandara is a place where vast collections of academic books are kept. These books are made available to the students to increase their knowledge and understanding on various subjects. 

Library exhibits positive impact on the academic achievement of the student. Students can perform better during examination by reading various books..

Jnanabhandara is a place where students can find various non-academic books aswell.  It is a great resource centre for students which help them understand life in addition to various other subjects. CAPS Jnanabhandara comprises of books from various authors, inspirational books and more. Library is a credit for the student community and they can certainly take advantage of it. Libraries open the door to education and opportunity which are invaluable for enriching one’s life.

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Chartered Community (C3)

CAPS Chartered Community, open-minded and diverse community for sharing knowledge. The members are given an opportunity to share their knowledge about not only subjects but also the current affairs of the world and other related matters which may deem fit, making them stay aware of the happenings in the corporate world and other than the curriculum subjects.

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“What is the essence of life? To serve others and do good.” – Aristotle

A CAPS initiative for the betterment of the society, working towards meeting societal needs. Going an extra mile to lend a hand and grow together.  There are a handful of projects vis-a-vis, Blood Donation Camps, Career Guidance Programmes, and donation to underprivileged schools, infrastructure development aid to schools, adopting endangered species, Greenathon Projects, Walkathons and more. CAPS Foundation has played an active role in contributing to the welfare of the society since its dawn.

CAPS foundation is one such step towards winning over the deficiencies within. Started on the 18 of May, 2008, it is today a 40+ members strong registered trust with activities ranging from promotion of education – in the form of career orientation, free library and communication programmes, blood and eye donation camps, donation of infrastructure to schools, adoption of endangered animals, planting of trees, promotion of talent of the disabled, relief programmes and the list goes on.
We don’t believe in the power of money. We believe in the power of being human. Come, take that little step towards being human and see how the world around you changes.
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Yoga and Personality Development

Yoga helps an individual control one’s body, mind and soul. An effective way to get rid of stress and other issues is by practicing yoga on a daily basis. Other benefits of yoga include many health benefits, fitness, positive energy, concentration levels, intellectual capacity and more which are to be possessed by any individual for a happy and an active life.  We ensure the students are made aware of the advantages and are taught yoga, by one of the best teachers. Students are encouraged to make it a part of their routine.


Personality traits of a person do matter and hence to enhance the same there will be programmes such as Speak, Lead & Conquer and Personality Development classes. The students are assisted in developing their traits befitting the requisites.

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BK – Bhajans & Keerthans

Bhajans & Keerthans, for those who volunteer to be part of it, where the lord is praised with utmost devotion and love. It can lift one’s mood reaching the spiritual level. Joy and uplift come much more readily with that divine connectivity. Bhajans & Keerthans can awake one’s spiritual mind and hence we experience the education and knowledge at a greater level at CAPS.

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Alumni – Connect to reconnect

If you are an alumnus of CAPS and desire to get in touch and associate with us and wish to be a part of the activities do come forward and put your name down with us.

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Habba - Picnic & Sports

Picnic & Sports which happens twice a year are pure recreational activities, promising events brimming with fun and Inspiration all together. Reliving the good old days of your childhood and relishing the entire celebration of life. Indeed a spectacular day not to be missed. Picnic with appetizing feast is something which cannot be missed.

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